Soft Company Currency

In more of an effort to undermine the economy of Sla Industries the major soft companies have begun issuing out their own currency on various worlds including Mort. These are currently only accepted on the black-market and underground channels of course. But the hope is that they will drive the Uni down even further and maybe even slowly begin to affect the value of the credit.

Another goal of driving down the Uni besides hurting the economy is to make the citizens more desperate for basic needs. Needs that the Soft Company will provide them if they sign up with them and turn against Sla.

Dark Night Dollars.
These are a standard paper currency of various denominations (normally around 1, 5, 20 and 100's). They currently equal about 3 to 5 uni each, especially in areas with a high Dark Night presence. These dollars have become quite common at black market arms dealers and are starting to be used by many other smaller Soft Companies. The printing quality is not up to the high standards that most Currency is in making it easy to produce counterfeit copies of. This doesn’t really bother Dark Night at all since it still serves its purpose.

Thresher Teeth.
Triangle shaped metal pieces. Denominations are 1, 10 and 100. Each one has it's own specific color created by a special alloy blend. Currently they are worth around 10 unis each and are not nearly as common as the Dark Night Dollar, along with being almost impossible to make a quality counterfeit of without high grade machines. These are much rarer than the Dark Night currency. Usually only seen in weapon sales on the black market, especially when dealing with Thresher equipment.

Sla Industries has ordered that any Dark Night Dollars be destroyed if found. While Thresher Teeth they wish to be turned over to the company with a reward rate of 1 cred for every 10 teeth for operatives.