Various game reviews by Jay Pipkin who tends not to hold back his thoughts when it comes to video games. If your feelings are easily hurt by somebody talking bad about your favorite game than I would consider backing away now and going to a nice safe Disney site or something. On the other hand he also doesn't hold back when he thinks something is done correctly and achieves a grand level of perfection. So you precious little snowflake game may just get some positive talk as well.

Also pardon the dust here as I (the webmaster here) play around with the html a bit and try to come up with a good layout for this page. Thing WILL change many times over the next few months so be warned now.

Now on with the reviews!

If you wish to contact me about reviewing a game you can reach me at my email: or through my Facebook page.

Games I will NOT review

These are just some of the titles and types that I won't be doing a write up for. Sure, I could, but you'll soon see why not.

First off is any game with "Halo" in the title. Why? Because you'd have to be living under a rock to have not heard of these. You may love 'em, hate 'em or plain just do not care but either way there's more than enough people that would tell you about them that you don't need me to.

Next on the list is any of the "Call of Duty" franchise. Why? A lot like the Halo series it's quite well known and often over done in media. I've played a few of both games series' and probably have too. I have nothing new to add to the already existing commentary.

NLBM2KHL The Bigs Show Jam. Sports games if you didn't get the joke. Why? Most are made by the one company and really, what COULD I say about these? If you like sports, try a sports game...just don't buy one because of some reviewer. Rent/Borrow/Try...before you buy.

Minecraft. Why? Because it's not made for people like me. Neat game for kids, but being in my 30s it's just not my cup o' tea. The game would have a short review anyway. "You build stuff in 8-bit graphics. NEXT!"

I'm sure this list will expand over time. Just keep an eye out and feel free to ask me about games. Also, no, Iím not buying a Next Gen system. Not for a few years at any rate. Now, back to Ghostbusters on Xbox live with me!