Look around gaming sites enough and there is one thing you seem to see a lot of advice on. Everyone wants to tell you how to be a better Gamemaster. They seem to think that if something goes bad it must be their fault so they need to be able to run games better. Personally I think this is a crock of shit.

Most of my experience in bad games, as a player and GM, isn't because of the person running the game. Usually it's because of the other folks playing, the other players. Yeah terrible freaking players are everywhere out there. Only it seems that nobody really wants to say much about them with the exception of the over the top ones. Even more there seems to be even fewer offering up advice on how they can improve. So I've decided to do it.

Now these articles may not be the best advice for everybody. Players and GM playstyles vary quite a bit along with the types of games they are running. But you may want to stand back and think about it before blowing them off. Are you one of the problems?

New instalments will be put up every other week on Saturdays. The links below lead to my Blogger page where the articles are actually located so people can post their feelings in the comments section of each one. Why you're there don't forget to look at my other posts.